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To provide students of all backgrounds with access to a quality education rooted in sociocultural theory and ministry; assisting in the growth and development of our students academically, socially, and spiritually; producing the next generation of leaders!



        Named after the late Christine Watson Avery, the CWA learning center strives to build an active learning community for all students.

        Christine Avery served the community for over 50 years as an elementary school teacher for the Asheville City School system. She also served as first lady of the Hill Street Missionary Baptist church where she was head of the Christian Education program.  During her time as the first lady of the church, Christine Avery founded the Hill Street Church Daycare; the oldest and only black owned daycare in Asheville. She believed that every child was special and deserving of love. Her message to everyone she encountered was to believe that they are loved and capable.

        Committed to the edification of the youth, Christine Avery served alongside her husband, Rev. Dr. Nilous M. Avery Sr., to champion discrimination using educational techniques. The two were successful in their attempts to reach the youth by creating many  educational programs including the Asheville Student Commission on Racial Equality (ASCORE), and Earning By Learning. 

Christine Avery's legacy still continues  today at the hands of her descendents. CiCi Weston, who is the daughter of the late Christine Avery, currently serves as the head director of the CWA learning center. CWA is also located in the same place where Hill Street Daycare once was. 

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Rev. Dr. Nilous &

Mrs. Christine Avery

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CiCi Weston, M.A.

Director of The CWA Learning Center 

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