Characteristics in a volunteer

  • Availability, dependability, reliability, friendliness, and flexibility.
  • Awareness of and willingness to follow all state-mandated criteria.
  • Special talents or abilities that help to enrich the program.
  • Recognition that accepting an assignment is a serious commitment.
  • Maintain strict confidentiality regarding students and school personnel.
  • A desire and interest in working with children and youth.
  • A willingness to learn and to follow directions while working with student
Age minimum requirement:16 and older
Required forms and records:Volunteer application and TB test before their first day
Background check:Yes, required
Required trainings:We encourage volunteers to take a CPR/First Air training but it is not required.
Dress code:Dress comfortably but also neatly.

Roles of a volunteer

Volunteers can be utilized in a variety of situations in CWA, they may provide tutorial help, monitor classrooms, lead activities, and supervise playgrounds. Volunteers may assist the teacher and support staff. They might share a special skill, occupation, or talent with the students.

For more information,please give us a call at 828-232-7433.  

1. Is there any advice you could offer to a potential volunteer that you wish you knew before or have learned since working here? 
All children are different. You must really take the time to learn each personality (and they learn yours) before they will really trust you.
 2. In your opinion, why are volunteers important to the operation of your organization? 
Volunteers are an important part of the CWA family. When one becomes a volunteer, their work takes on special significance. Even though they are not technically part of the staff, they share some of the same responsibilities that paid staff. 
3. Is there a standard on-boarding process at this organization? What does that look like?
After the paperwork has been submitted, volunteers will spend their first day going over the policies and procedures; as well as what their role will be.